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26 April 17NEW questions and video solutions for AER in Higher Tier Maths Topics page

25 April 17 - New web address for the site, please share


05 April 17 - **New** questions and video solutions for Relative Frequency and Venn Diagrams.  These could appear on Intermediate and Higher Tier so I have linked from both topic sections of the website.

17 March 17 - Video solutions for the November 16 Intermediate Tier Maths papers are now uploaded here.

Intermediate Tier Topics linked to grade challenge also uploaded here

05 March 17 - Jones the Sums is open for business for the build up to the May/June Exam Series.  Use the wall if there is anything you’d like me to work on and I’ll do my best to help you out.

19 Oct - I will be out of the country next week, so it is unlikely there will be any further video uploads before the November exams.  Good luck to all of you who are involved with those.

19 Oct - Video Solutions for Higher Tier Transformations on Graphs, along with an introduction clip now uploaded.  Also new questions and solutions on Intermediate/Higher Algebraic Inequalities.

13 Oct - New questions and video solutions uploaded for Algebraic Fractions, Fractional Equations, Standard Form, Similar Triangles, Similar Shapes, Areas & Volumes, Frequency Polygons.

02 Oct - It has been pointed out to me that some of the Numeracy Specimen Papers have not uploaded correctly.  For some reason I am having difficulty correcting this at the moment, so for the moment you can access the complete set of Numeracy papers here.  You will then have to print out the papers relevant to you.

30 Sept - Trig Graphs now has video solutions.  Loci in Intermediate Tier now has correct video for questions and answers

27 Sept - Bearings added to Intermediate Tier Topics

23 Sept - New questions and videos uploaded for Simultaneous Equations in Intermediate Tier and Recurring Decimals and Simultaneous Equations in Higher Tier.

Additional Maths section now has all past papers and markschemes up to date

The Assembly Powerpoint on How to Organise your Revision is here.

14 Sept - New Intermediate Section now up and running.

GCSE Numeracy specimen papers and mark schemes uploaded for Higher, Intermediate and Foundation Tiers.

Content lists for each tier also uploaded

Use the link to WJEC Exam Question Bank to create your own bespoke question papers, it is excellent.