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18 Oct 17 - New questions and video on Tessellations for Intermediate/Foundation Tier now available.

13 Oct 17 - New questions and video solutions for the following Higher/Intermediate topics:

Dimensions of Formulas,  Box & Whisker Plots, Equation of Straight Line, Compound Percentages, Standard Form, Constructions

04 Oct 17 - Reverse Percentages questions and video solutions now available on Higher and Intermediate Topic pages.

03 Oct 17 - Complete video solutions for June 17 Intermediate Maths Paper 2 now uploaded.  Also the written solutions for Higher/Intermediate AER, Relative Frequency and Venn Diagrams are now also available to download.

02 Oct 17 - Complete video solutions for June 17 Intermediate Maths Paper 1 now uploaded.  Paper 2 should be up in the next couple of days.

I will also be working on topic work for the following Intermediate/Higher Tier overlap topics: Reverse Percentages, Straight lines y = mx + c, Dimensions (recognising if a formula is length, area, volume or none), inequalities from context. 

If you can think of other topics that need support, leave me a message on The Wall

I’m often surprised by how few students know how to use their calculator to work correctly with TIME.  Sample questions here, with video support here and here.

The Assembly Powerpoint on How to Organise your Revision is here.

Use the link to WJEC Exam Question Bank to create your own bespoke question papers, it is excellent.